Hannah McBeth

Senior Content Writer, Editor, and IT Professional

Recent Graphics Project

Part of a series of promotional banners for Marissa's Books. I worked with a product photographer as the Art Director of the product. I brainstormed the series, selected products/props, helped set up lighting/backdrop, and helped photographer with placement. I performed post production editing in Photoshop on all photos.

Recent Publications

The Rough Landscape of Women’s Existence in Land Body at Ogden Contemporary Arts – SLUG Magazine

For those who haven’t wandered into the brittle kaleidoscope of the cracked Southwestern desert, there are, unfortunately, pockets of polluted and vandalized sites littered with shotgun shells, beer cans and rotting furniture. There are parcels of delicate desert put on the auction block for oil and gas drilling. But what the exhibit Land Body at Ogden Contemporary Arts explores is an issue that is not a set pattern, but something we as a community can recognize and change.

Art as Activism after the Pandemic: Vida, Muerte, Justicia / Life, Death, Justice at Ogden Contemporary Arts

A face mask on a POC worker, a crying Statue of Liberty, a woman walking through hurricane debris: Vida, Muerte, Justicia / Life, Death, Justice swirls into your mind in a post-pandemic fog. The timely, powerful group show at Ogden Contemporary Arts, on display through Nov. 27, centers on the COVID-19 pandemic through the eyes of an all-Latin American/Latinx artist and curatorial lineup.

Doula Ashley Finley Leads By Caring For BIPOC Parents' Spirits

If you asked a room of people to list the traits of a leader, chances are you would hear responses that reflect society’s perpetuated myth of a militant hero—a trend Ruth Ben-Ghiat describes in Strongmen: Mussolini to the Present. But the reality is that these “leaders” often break more than they fix, and the aftermath of their reigns are cleaned up by the real powerhouses of our communities: the people who provide medical, nutritional or emotional care. Ashley Finley, Co-Founder of the Black Li

Outrage as Righteousness in Andrew Alba's Show Everyone Sucios

2020 has been one of the most widespread experiences of shared trauma in living memory. Every community has experienced a portion of the anxiety and pain, but not equally. The shared experience of the pandemic and recession has given people and institutions long segregated into comfortably distinct worlds a common denominator—and it’s forcing us to witness the impact of disasters on poor communities, especially those of color.

Saying “No” to Big Real Estate to Save the Utah People’s Pantages Theatre

What if I told you that you could buy one of the most opulent, historic theatres in the country—built in 1918 and containing a pristine Tiffany skylight, intricate chandeliers and other unique architectural features—for $0? The theater in question is located in downtown Salt Lake City, but unfortunately, the opportunity to buy and renovate the Utah Pantages Theatre was not given to the public or even the wider real estate developer community in general, says Michael Valentine...

Explore Salt Lake’s Diverse and Vibrant Theater Arts Scene

The lights go on, the curtains part and the stage floods with sound—the experience of live theater is brighter than ever before. A spotlight is on the Utah theater scene, with local playwrights and performers eager to step onstage for an expanding audience in several new venues. Award-winning and veteran storytellers at the Salt Lake Acting Company and Plan-B Theatre Company reflect on the human experience and shed light on important social topics. The Off Broadway Theatre helps audiences laugh their troubles away with witty parodies and live improv. The Hale Centre Theatre, meanwhile, serves big and beloved Broadway hits like Les Misérables and Guys and Dolls for fans of all ages. These four theaters showcase the diverse magic of the local theater scene with a uniquely Utah flavor.

Meow Wolf Gives Inner Children a Shopper’s Wonderland at Omega Mart in Las Vegas

Tales about the founding of the artist collective Meow Wolf—now a growing interactive entertainment-arts company—are as legendary as the company’s mind-bending art installations. Meow Wolf’s name came out of a hat, and some of the artist collective’s initial investment came from fantasy writer George R. R. Martin (of Game of Thrones fame). Meow Wolf’s newest art experience is a 52,000-square-foot, otherworldly shopping excursion called Omega Mart, located in Las Vegas’ AREA15.

Sarah May Uncovers Her Heritage in Photographic Layers

When photographer and community advocate Sarah May began learning more about her indigenous, Salvadoran heritage five years ago, it pulled her into a creative dialogue with her roots and helped her claim a deeper relationship with a culture she’s distanced from but still feels an intense connection to. “There is generational heritage that’s been passed down, and part of these people is still living in you. When I create my art, I’m thinking about my relationship with my ancestors,” says May.

Andrew Alba Paints from the Gut in “American Soup”

If you’re being followed or navigating a dangerous place, your natural defense mechanisms activate and start tuning. These mechanisms are buried in our mind and body, just as they are in any other domesticated animal. Colors get brighter, movements slow down, and you can shift from terror to fighting mode in a fraction of a second. This is the realm of instinct, where your gut determines if you’re going to run or throw punches — and where painter Andrew Alba reports from, depicting the intense side of Utah in works like “Stray Pregnant Dog in Glendale,” “Running,” or “Rose Park Pozole.” In his latest show, American Soup at Modern West Fine Art, Alba weaves bright red paint, aggressive lines and the symbolism of half-feral animals to depict a world of migrants, laborers, worried women, fighters and other members of marginalized communities.

Livin' a Pug Life: Groovy Grandma Vibes and Body Positivity with Designer Mirmsy

Getting in the right mood to talk about Mirmsy’s (aka Miriam Barse) art involves borrowing a line from the cartoon cult classic Adventure Time: “C’mon, grab your friends!” Let’s frolic in the upbeat pastels and pop-culture puns that make up the loveable and unique artistry of Mirmsy. Web and graphic designer, jewelry and upcycled clothing maker, and overall jack-of-all-trades, Mirmsy’s wares are the stuff of Instagram impulse buys and unstoppable late-night giggling.