Marketing projects and graphics

Here are marketing projects, including graphics and product photography created/edited in the Adobe Creative Suite for social media, email marketing, print collateral, PowerPoint presentations, and on-site events.

Part of a series of promotional banners for Marissa's Books. I worked with a product photographer as the Art Director of this product. I brainstormed the series, selected products/props, helped set up lighting/backdrop, and helped photographer with placement. I performed post production editing in Photoshop on all photos.
Full-page ad created in Illustrator and Photoshop for grocery cart insert and booklet ad (print)
This is an Easter promotion we created for social media, email marketing, a local news campaign, and print collateral (postcard/catalog)
These are original product photos I took and Photoshopped. Each has two different colored backgrounds (changed in post production). These were used for social media, email, and print collateral.
Social media and event graphics for HFS Research (Cambridge, UK)
Social media influencer quote graphic
Social media influencer quote graphic
Summit graphic for social media
Product marketing: report graphic for social media
Partner marketing: exclusive sponsor event graphic
On-site marketing: adhesive clings for the front doors of the FORA Summit in New York City
Events marketing: comparison infographic